And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs [come] out of the mouth of the dragon

Revelation 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs [come] out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.


6/3/15 General John Allen conceded: “Defeating Daesh’s ideology will likely take a generation or more. But we can and we must rise to this challenge. In an age when we are more interconnected that at any other time in human history, Daesh is a global threat.” In a wide-ranging speech, Allen added that IS also poses a new type of threat because of its “depravity.”

Fleeing ISIS! Demons, Unclean Spirits!

In a wide-ranging speech, Allen added that IS also poses a new type of threat because of its “depravity.”
In a wide-ranging speech, Allen added that IS also poses a new type of threat because of its “depravity.”

10/8/15 Senior US lawmakers have begun probing possible intelligence lapses over Moscow’s intervention in Syria, concerned that American spy agencies were slow to grasp the scope and intention of Russia’s military offensive there, congressional sources report and other officials told Reuters. Findings of major blind spots would mark the latest of several US intelligence misses in recent years, including Moscow’s surprise takeover of Ukraine’s Crimea region last year and China’s rapid expansion of island-building activities in the South China Sea.
10/7/15 All these movements demonstrate the Russians are forming a “protective belt” around Latakia, the stronghold of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and are carrying out airstrikes against anti-Assad rebel forces, some backed by the CIA, to protect both regime and Russian interests, including a Russian naval base in Tartus established in the 70s.
In 1939, land belonging to Syria and the Assad family in the northwest, along the Mediterranean bordering Latakia where the Russia has established an air base, was annexed by Turkey. Syria has never recognized the action and the two countries have been bitter enemies ever since.
10/6/15 Rebel attacks on a hotel used by Yemen’s prime minister and militaryinstallations in the southern city of Aden Tuesday killed 15 Arab coalitiontroops and pro-government forces, Emirati media reported, according toAFP.
Rocket attacks by Iran-backed rebels and allied forces “targeted the government headquarters and several military positions (and) left 15 Arabcoalition and Yemeni resistance martyrs,” WAM news agency said.
WAM said that four Emirati soldiers were among the dead and that several others were wounded.
10/06/15 A top terror expert says ISIS is now so weak that it could be decimated within hours. Russian President Vladimir Put is preparing to send 150,000 troops into Syria to wipe out ISIS, according to the paper.
According to a London Express report Monday evening, Russian airstrikes, unruly leadership and numerous defections have destabilized the terror organization to the point that it is no longer capable of fighting off even a small attack.
Terror analyst Dr. Afzal Ashraf told the paper that ISIS has drastically exaggerated its military power, prompting an international counterattack. Ashraf urged Western leaders to act now to wipe out the jihadi group.
The U.S. has led a coalition of airstrikes against ISIS. The New York Times reported that the coalition is preparing to open a major front in Raqqa, a city in northeastern Syria that is widely considered to be ISIS’ capital. President Obama has also ordered the Pentagon to provide weapons to Syrian rebel groups.
Russian President Vladimir Put is preparing to send 150,000 troops into Syria to wipe out ISIS, according to the paper.
10/5/15 Russia launched its air campaign on Wednesday and claims it is targeting the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, the al-Nusra Front. But many of the strikes appear to have hit Western-backed rebel factions. The Russian attacks have largely focused on the northwestern and central provinces — the gateways to the heartland of Assad’s powerbase in the capital, Damascus, and on the Mediterranean coast.
10/2/15 DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report that China sent word to Moscow Friday, Oct. 2, that J-15 fighter bombers would shortly join the Russian air campaign that was launched Wednesday, Sept. 30. Baghdad has moreover offered Moscow an air base for targeting the Islamic State now occupying large swathes of Iraqi territory
Russia’s military intervention in Syria has five additional participants: China, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hizballah.
10-02-15 President Obama, addressing Soviet intervention in Syria at a White House press conference, said Tuesday Iran and Syria President Bashar Assad represented Russia’s entire coalition “and the rest of the world makes up ours.”
10/1/15 Moscow’s assertion that it hit Islamic State targets is immediately disputed by the U.S. and rebels on the ground • U.S. and Russia agree to meet “as soon as possible” to discuss the situation • French FM accuses U.N. Security Council of “impotence.”
France, which began its own airstrikes in Syria a few days ago, was chairing a meeting Wednesday on its campaign to have the council’s five permanent members restrain their use of the veto in cases of mass atrocities. Russia has rejected that idea.
British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond said his country welcomes Russia’s new “focus” on using force but warned it’s “very important that Russia be able to confirm that military action it has undertaken this morning” doesn’t target Syria’s moderate opposition. He urged Russia to use its influence on Syria to make it stop using barrel bombs and chemicals on civilians.
10/01/15 Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Thursday that he would welcome a deployment of Russian troops to Iraq to fight ISIS forces. In an American television interview, he added that such an intervention would not only help his country but also give Moscow the chance to deal with the approximately 2,500 Chechen Muslims who he said are fighting with ISIS in Iraq.
3/2/10  Iran further consolidated its anti-US coalition and honed its hard edge against Israel this week with two important defense treaties signed with Syria (covering Lebanon) and Qatar, home to the biggest US air base outside America. These treaties opened doors for Iranian troops to be stationed in all three countries. According to debkafile‘s military sources, they are already present in Syria and Lebanon. On this high note, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Syrian president Bashar Assad and Hizballah chief Hassan Nasrallah, Thursday, Feb. 25, wound up their talks in Damascus – to which Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal was co-opted – on joint military preparations for a Middle East war.

2/26/10  5:36 AM  ‘Terror Trio’ Meets to Talk Shop  from Arutz Sheva News  Syrian President Bashar Assad invited Ahmadinajad, Nasrallah to dinner. Talks include plans for aiding terrorists.
Ahmadinajad and Assad agreed to cancel visa restrictions between their countries. Assad told journalists that the trio discussed “Israeli crimes and how to deal with them, and how to assist the resistance forces.” “Resistance” is often used by Arab leaders as a euphemism for terrorism.

[2/28/15   These (ISIS) are demon-possessed people making blood sacrifices to their god and if they are not stopped they will murder millions and bring down one Mid-eastern regime after another.  the apocalyptic leaders of Iran are biding their time to build a nuclear arsenal capable of killing tens of millions of people in a matter of minutes.  Consider that sentence again — “more than half.” In a world of 1.5 billion Muslims, that means more than 750 million Muslims believe not only that the Mahdi is coming, but that his arrival is imminent.
In Egypt, 40% of Muslims believe the return of the Mahdi is imminent.
In Jordan, 41%
Among Palestinians, the number is 46%
In Iraq, a stunning 72% of Muslims believe this]

Rev 9:1And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. 2And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

Could this have been that day? The 1990 Gulf War aftermath?
OilFireLake001xgulf-war the pit of hell  Saudi Muslim cleric has bad news for members of the Muslim terror gang ISIS, also called Islamic State: They’re going to “hellfire.” The cleric warns that ISIS members are “apostates.”

8/8/14 “We don’t understand real evil, organized evil, very well. This is evil incarnate. People like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,”  Ryan Crocker said, who was ambassador to Iraq under Mr. Bush and to Afghanistan under Mr. Obama. “We don’t understand real evil, organized evil, very well. This is evil incarnate. People like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” the ISIS leader, “have been in a fight for a decade. They are messianic in their vision, and they are not going to stop.

BABYLON  (Scofield, C. I. “Scofield Reference Notes on Isaiah 13″. “Scofield Reference Notes (1917 Edition)”. <;. 1917.)  The city, Babylon is not in view here, as the immediate context shows. It is important to note the significance of the name when used symbolically. “Babylon” is the Greek form: invariably in the O.T. Hebrew the word is simply Babel, the meaning of which is confusion, and in this sense the word is used symbolically. (1) In the prophets, when the actual city is not meant, the reference is to the “confusion” into which the whole social order of the world has fallen under Gentile world-domination. (See “Times of the Gentiles,” Luke 21:24Revelation 16:14Isaiah 13:4 gives the divine view of the welter of warring Gentile powers. The divine order is given in Isa. 11. Israel in her own land, the centre of the divine government of the world and channel of the divine blessing; and the Gentiles blessed in association with Israel. Anything else is, politically, mere “babel.” (2) In Revelation 14:8-1116:19 the Gentile world-system is in view in connection with Armageddon; Revelation 16:1419:21 while in Rev 17, the reference is to apostate Christianity, destroyed by the nations Revelation 17:16 headed up under the Beast ; Daniel 7:8Revelation 19:20 and false prophet. In Isaiah the political Babylon is in view, literally as to the then existing city, and symbolically as to the times of the Gentiles. In the Revelation both the symbolical- political and symbolical-religious Babylon are in view, for there both are alike under the tyranny of the Beast. Religious Babylon is destroyed by political Babylon Revelation 17:16 political Babylon by the appearing of the Lord Revelation 19:19-21. That Babylon the city is not to be rebuilt is clear from ; Isaiah 13:19-22Jeremiah 51:24-26,62-64. By political Babylon is meant the Gentile world-system. (See “World,” ; John 7:7Revelation 13:8) It may be added that, in Scripture symbolism, Egypt stands for the world as such; Babylon for the world of corrupt power and corrupted religion; Nineveh for the pride, the haughty glory of the world. (Scofield, C. I. “Scofield Reference Notes on Isaiah 13.″)
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