Precious fruits (brought forth) by The Sun and The Moon

Deut 33:14 And for the precious fruits [brought forth] by the sunand for the precious things put forth by the moon,

The equation used below may be lacking. Seems to me the moon may cause ‘S’ molecules? Time may tell.

6/24/13  Overnight, when a plant cannot use solar energy to convert carbon dioxide into sugars and starch, it regulates its starch reserves to make them last until dawn.

The researchers proposed that the process is mediated by two kinds of molecules, called “S” for starch and “T” for time.

If S molecules stimulate starch breakdown, and T molecules prevent it, then the rate of starch consumption is set by the ratio of S molecules to T molecules, or S divided by T.

“The calculations are precise so that plants prevent starvation but also make the most efficient use of their food,” said Smith. “If the starch store is used too fast, plants will starve and stop growing during the night. If the store is used too slowly, some of it will be wasted.”

“Understanding how plants continue to grow in the dark could help unlock new ways to boost crop yield,” Smith said.

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