End of the World! Proclamation! Last Days, End of Time


AWESOME!!! Terrifying!! http://www.nationaljournal.com/tech/newt-gingrich-s-plan-to-stave-off-the-apocalypse-20140328 These men are serious! YOU! should be, too!! Here we have a ‘few good men’ proclaiming the news of the end times!

Solar Flare (2)

Solar flares could wipe out all electricity and humanity along with it, according to a group that wants to protect the grid.(Courtesy of) NASA.

3/31/14 Here we have a few men shouting in words which mean: It isn’t a god, It isn’t a god. Its us. “But the report’s authors say this is not a modern day version of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Much of what they warn of are more nuanced troubles that grow by degrees and worsen other societal ills. The report also concedes that there are uncertainties in understanding and predicting future climate risks.” http://bigstory.ap.org/article/global-warming-dials-our-risks-un-report-says

“I think we’re running out of time,” said Peter Pry, a former CIA officer and head of a congressional advisory board on national security. And if the worst happens? “This gets translated into mass fatalities, because our modern civilization can’t feed, transport, or provide law and order without electricity,” he said.

While some see the coalition as alarmist—and others dismiss them as out-and-out quacks—the coalition boasts some prominent and influential names. Pry and Gingrich are joined by former CIA Director James Woolsey.

“It wasn’t difficult persuading them” to join the coalition, Pry said. Gingrich “has known about EMP and cared about it for many years.”

Last year, Gingrich told members of Congress that an EMP attack “could be the kind of catastrophe that ends civilization—and that’s not an exaggeration.”

“The coalition’s members insist the scenario is a real threat, and not the plot of a Michael Bay movie or a Cormac McCarthy novel. They believe a single nuclear blast at 300-400 kilometers in altitude—about the height of the International Space Station—could take down all power in the U.S. Even an explosion just 30 kilometers up would take out the Eastern grid, which supplies three-quarters of the country’s power.

What happens post-detonation is not a pretty picture, Pry says: “You’d have massive industrial accidents. One hundred four nuclear reactors going Fukushima, spreading toxic clouds everywhere. Oil refineries burning down, oil pipelines exploding.… Airliners crashing down.”

That’s just day one. With no power, the country would lose transportation, our food would go bad and we’d lose the communication tools we’ve come to rely on. To envision what that would look like, just picture New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Pry says.

The coalition estimates that we’d lose up to 90 percent of our population within a year.

But it wouldn’t necessarily take a hostile foreign power’s nuclear trickery to spark the downfall: The coalition claims American demise could come from the flares of a fickle sun.

A giant solar flare that triggers a geomagnetic storm could inflict the same damage as a high-altitude nuclear blast—but do it on a global scale.

The last such flare—known as the Carrington Event—happened in 1859, frying telegraph lines around the planet. According to Pry, such events happen about every 150 years, so we’re already overdue for another.

By comparison, a Lloyd’s of London study used a wider range of 100-250 years. The study also said a solar event would only cause extended blackouts for 20-40 million people—not an insignificant number, but nowhere near the globe-encompassing disaster the EMP Coalition predicts.

And Kristof Petrovay, a Hungary-based solar physicist whose work is often cited by NASA, said predicting the interval of such flares is more-or-less a fool’s errand. “There’s really no way to tell when or how often it will happen again,” Petrovay said.

Regardless of when or if another flare hits, there’s a wide range of assessments of its potential damage.

Most observers stop short of forecasting the doomsday scenarios laid out by the Pry-Gingrich coalition, but they still see serious problems.

In 2008, the National Academy of Sciences looked at the possibility of a solar flare and its effects. Its findings, while less apocalyptic than the EMP Coalition’s warnings, were still dire. A solar storm two-thirds the size of the Carrington Event could still knock out power for 130 million people. The fallout? “[W]ater distribution affected within several hours; perishable foods and medications lost in 12-24 hours; loss of heating/air conditioning, sewage disposal, phone service, fuel re-supply and so on.”

If we were hit with another Carrington-sized storm, the report said, it could take months to get parts of the grid back to functional. In the first year alone, it would take an economic toll of $2 trillion, about 20 times the cost of Hurricane Katrina.

According to Petrovay, the worst effects of the flare would be felt in North America, where the highly-connected grid could exacerbate problems and systems running near peak capacity have less room for error. “I have doubts whether [a solar storm] would really take out the whole grid, but probably shutdowns would occur in many places,” he said.

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